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Work Orders and the MCA

What is a Work Order?

A Work Order is a form that is used to contract for work between Hennepin County and the University of Minnesota under the Master Cooperative Agreement. The Work Order outlines the dollar amount, budget, description of work and deliverables.

Steps for completing the Work Order:

1. Lead individuals from Hennepin County (HC) and the University of Minnesota work together to prepare Sections A-H.

2. The HC Lead connects with Mary Knickerbocker in HC Purchasing to receive a Work Order number.

3. The HC Lead sends the completed Work Order (without signatures, in most cases) to HC Purchasing.

4. HC Purchasing and the HC Lead work together to get final signature(s) from HC officials.

Work Order Form

Work Order Process - Detailed Steps

What is a change order?

A Change Order can be used to make an amendment to a dollar amount, work description, or deliverables for an existing Work Order.

Change Order Form

What is the Master Cooperative Agreement (MCA)?

The MCA streamlines the contracting process between the University and County by reducing the need to repeatedly negotiate terms for collaborative projects.

2010 Master Cooperative Agreement

Amendment to extend the MCA through July 2018

MCA signators: Robert Jones, UMN Senior VP for System Administration; Jan Callison, Hennepin County Commissioner; Richard Johnson, Hennepin County Administrator Emeritus; Tim Mulcahy, UMN VP of Research; Richard Pfutzenreuter, UMN CFO and VP of Budget and Finance

Read more about the history of the Master Cooperative Agreement here.

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