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Hennepin-University Partnership (HUP)


Hennepin County and the University of Minnesota work together through a strategic partnership to capture value for both organizations—connecting the two organizations where mutual benefit can be achieved.  This includes research around local government policies and practices, community-based research, sharing of academic and practitioner expertise, and working with students who seek to apply their academic learning in a real-world setting.

Our Vision

The Hennepin-University Partnership is a strategic alignment between the state’s primary research university and the state’s largest county—focusing on connecting where it counts.

Our Goals

  1. Develop knowledge: Conduct joint research on issues of mutual interest
  2. Share expertise: Both academic and practitioner expertise
  3. Work with students: Provide students field experiences to enrich their learning experience and build a more capable future work force
  4. Share knowledge: Share knowledge and best practices around the operation of large institutions


University of Minnesota: The Hennepin-University Partnership is part of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Hennepin County: The Hennepin-University Partnership reports up through County Administration at Hennepin County.

Additional Information

Hennepin-University Partnership info sheet

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