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Potential Utility of Photocatalytic Concrete in Hennepin County Transportation Projects


Transportation department at Hennepin County worked with Professors John Gulliver, Bill Arnold, Lev Khazanovich and a Graduate Assistant from the College of Science and Engineering to conduct a literature review of the feasibility and potential utility of photocatalytic concrete in Hennepin County transportation projects. Photocatalytic concrete is expected to have self-cleaning and pollution reducing properties which could revolutionize pavement construction. So far, a literature review has been conducted - additional work is desired in this area.

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Child Crisis Unit - Outcome Measures Project


Hennepin County Public Health and Clinical Services partnered with the Health Careers Center with the School of Public Health to pilot a public health field experience.  Five graduate students formed a team to complete a quality improvement project in which they developed an implementation plan to effectively and efficiently measure outcomes of clients receiving stabilization and Means Restriction Education services from Hennepin County Child Crisis. Means Restriction Education in Crisis Care at Hennepin County is a parent education and action oriented intervention offered to caregivers at the time of self-injurious behavior, or suicidal ideation, intent, or attempt by youth.

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Co-Parent Court Evaluation

co parent court

Hennepin County’s Co-Parent Court is a civil problem-solving court that was launched in 2010. Judge Bruce Peterson led the effort to establish the court to help unmarried parents. From the beginning of the Co-Parent Court, Hennepin County knew that a rigorous evaluation would be important to the program’s future. More than 20% of the Co-Parent Court’s $450,000 annual budget was dedicated to the evaluation of the program, for a total of nearly $300,000 over the evaluation period. Over the last three years, Dr. Mary Marczak (Extension School), Associate Dean Karen Shirer (Extension School), and Dr. Shonda Craft (Department of Family and Social Science) have worked on an evaluation of the program.  The three-year evaluation period has ended and some of the results were recently released. Their findings were promising: fathers completing the program are paying an average of 86% of child support owed, while fathers in the control group pay 69% of their child support. Mothers report that on average, fathers completing the program spend about 58 more hours with their children each month.

Image Source: (2014)

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