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Hennepin County Cohort

Purpose Statement

The Hennepin County Cohort was created in 2011 to increase the level of productive partnerships between Hennepin County and The University of Minnesota. Members of the Cohort are liaisons within their departments and work to catalyze greater levels of connection in areas that benefit both Hennepin County and the University.

Specifically, Cohort members:

  1. Provide information, updates, and access to University resources
  2. Act as the key point of contact with the HUP office
  3. Support efforts to measure and communicate about results

Cohort Members

Cohort Photo

From left to right (Back Row): Vanee Dusoruth, Lisa Thornquist, Julie Nielsen, Kari Boe-Schmidtz, Michael Noonan, Michael Tupy, Paul Kroening, Jodie Wierimaa, Kathie Doty. From left to right (Front Row): Brittany Kellerman, Nancy Skilling, Melissa Illies, Jodell O'Connell, Karen Marquardt, Michelle McGraw, Amy Luedtke, Nick Peterson, Kate Kingery, Meg Knodl. Cohort Members Not Pictured: Kathy Kardell, Charlene Hatcher, Jeremy Jones, Alison Schubring, Ron White, Leanne Rajtar, Vanessa Bailey, Barb Johnson, Bob Kelly, Michael Rossman, Bob Sorensen, Melissa Barker, Derwin Ellis, and Paul Buschmann.

(Members as of 2013)

Members of the Cohort include representatives from the following Hennepin County departments:
  • Budget and Finance - Katherine Kardell
  • Community Corrections - Courtney Hougham
  • County Administration - Kate Kingery
  • County Attorney - Christy Dording, Charlene Hatcher, Jodie Wierimaa
  • Environmental Services - Paul Kroening, Halston Sleets
  • Health - Linda Berglin
  • Housing, Community Works & Transit - Melissa Illies, Ron White
  • Human Resources - Kari Boe-Schmidtz, Leanne Rajtar
  • Human Services - Joa Carlson, Barb Johnson, Lisa Thornquist
  • Information Technology - Bob Kelly
  • Innovation and Excellence - Meg Knodl, Alisa Salewski
  • Internal Audit - Kalin McCormick
  • Library - Christy Mulligan
  • Medical Examiner's Office - Michael Rossman
  • Northpoint Health & Wellness Center - Julie Nielsen
  • Property Services - Michael Tupy
  • Public Affairs - Carolyn Marinan
  • Public Defender - Bob Sorensen
  • Resident and Real Estate Services - Vanessa Bailey, Dana Colestock
  • Sheriff's Department - Derwin Ellis
  • Strategic Planning and Resources - Michael Noonan
  • Transportation - Nick Peterson

Download the Cohort Member List

Click here for Information on Cohort Meetings and Resources


Cohort Challenge

The 2015 Cohort Member Challenge is another way to engage with UMN resources that are relevant to your work. We are asking you to do each of the following tasks to represent your department. We will be checking in throughout the year on your progress. Those who complete the challenge will receive a great HUP give-away!

2015 Challenge

HUP Surveys

Are there any HC projects in collaboration with the University that you are working on? Any projects completed? Tell us about it!

Please follow the links here to complete surveys and help us document ongoing and completed projects between Hennepin and the University! This information is compiled in the HUP annual reports.

Initial Survey - Document a New Project Here

Follow Up Survey - Document a Project in the Works

Final Survey - Document a Project that is Completed

Any students working with you?

Distribute this link to them so they can share more about their experience!


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