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The Hennepin-University Partnership (HUP) represents a strategic alignment between Minnesota's primary research university and its largest county, coordinating partnerships that capture value for both organizations.

Students Volunteer to Count Ballots

HUP helped recruit nearly 400 University of Minnesota student volunteers to help Hennepin County process an estimated 120,000 absentee ballots during the week leading up to election day.

Students enjoyed the chance to volunteer. Graduate student Aimee Fritsch found the opportunity provided an "innovative way to get involved" in a historic election.

Announcing the 2016 HUP Mixer

On September 16, HUP hosted a Mixer to connect County staff and University faculty around the theme: "what does the future of engagement look like for those managing county buildings?"

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Exploring Spatial Mismatch

A study by Yingling Fan from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs found disadvantaged job seekers face a "spatial mismatch" between where they live and where the jobs they qualify for are located. Hennepin County, working through HUP, was a major funder of this ground-breaking research.

State of the County Address

Watch Commissioner Jan Calli son's 2016 State of the County Address here. Spoiler alert: she gives a shoutout to HUP!

2015 Annual Report

An Award Winning Program

As part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Engagement Scholarship Award, the Hennepin-University Partnership created a video about just some of the many successful collaborations the HUP has made with Hennepin County. The video was shown at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Annual Conference, was part of the review process for the C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award, and was shown at the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities (APLU) Annual Meeting.

“The Hennepin-University Partnership is worthy of recognition because this innovation in connecting local government and academia creates a model that can be employed by other jurisdictions across the country.  The HUP not only facilitates effective public policy making, but has also been highly productive to date. With more than 144 connections initiated under the umbrella of the Partnership, the value to the larger community is evident and the HUP will continue to be an invaluable resource for both institutions,” said Jan Callison, Hennepin County commissioner.

Read more about the award.

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