FUSE Spring Panel | Addressing Climate Change and Disparities through Transportation Investment

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Hennepin County’s Climate Action Plan and the University of Minnesota’s focus on sustainability demonstrates an increasing commitment to prepare for the effects of climate change. This event will bring together a panel of University and County experts to explore how transportation investments at the local and regional level can best be leveraged to support climate action goals while reducing disparities, improving health, enhancing livability, and providing opportunities for high quality employment.

FUSE is a joint effort by the Hennepin-University Partnership and Hennepin County’s Center of Innovation & Excellence to support disparity reduction and elements of the University's MPact 2025 by promoting innovative, research-informed collaborations that benefit our residents and our region.

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Prof. Yingling Fan's research focuses on urban land use, transportation planning, and the impacts of urban planning on human health and social equity.


Diana Chaman Salas is Director of Climate and Resiliency in the Public Works department of Hennepin County.



Christopher Sagsveen is the director of transportation operations at Hennepin County.                                                                                                  


Dr. Kyle Shelton is the Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies.