Contracting with Hennepin County

About the Master Cooperative Agreement (MCA)

The MCA streamlines the contracting process between Hennepin County and the UMN, allowing the county to contract with the university without negotiating terms and conditions for each individual project. The MCA includes terms covering data practices, intellectual property rights, publications, subcontracting, and payment. Collaborative projects may occur outside of the MCA, in which case the MCA terms do not apply. 

Exception: projects involving clinical services, medical residencies and fellowships, and projects funded by the Hennepin County’s Extension budget do not use the MCA.

Work Orders

Work Orders are contracts that govern individual projects. Work Orders are composed of 3 components: the Work Order template, the Scope of Services, and the Project Budget. Work Orders may include additional terms with the approval of all partners, but such terms cannot contradict the MCA.

Work Orders may be amended to adjust the project duration, scope, or budget. Re-budgeting is allowed and requires no amendment, provided that the Scope of Services does not change.